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  1. IMG_9881 Where did it go? Pretty much from 1st September the benchmark for all things is set for 25th December. Diets, decorating and DIY projects, saving money, buying selling a house,even getting together with friends all centres around Christmas. So we munch on leaves whilst flicking through paint swatches and Pinterest board. We clear our credit cards ready for the big spend. Get togethers are postponed until Christmas. The first of December arrives and the slow rumblings of panic start to kick in. Always some smart arse posts on FB a picture of all their Christmas shopping bought and wrapped,        just to give the rest of us that sweaty top lip feeling. Lists are made. More lists are made. We hand our purses in to school to be collected, once emptied,on the 21st December. On the bedside table where once sat the latest Ian Rankin, now piled high are the bibles of all thing Christmas according to St Jamie and St Nigella. More lists are made. Tenth of December, credit card already maxed out and not even half way through child's list that they sent to Santa. Every Argos store in the entire universe is out of stock of the Playmobil fairies, more sweaty top lip. The beautiful Christmas cards that you deliberated over for the best part of 2 days, are still in the lovely paper carrier bag with the twisted handle, unwritten. Fifteenth December, and you'd kill for a Bailey's and mince pie but the scales are not being kind and not showing the stone that you feel you should've lost by now. Overdraft seems to be creeping up and oh you start to feel a little bit achey perhaps the odd sniffle. Twentieth December, after four bed ridden days you gingerly take your first steps outdoors as you really don't have time for illness, on the plus side of things you have lost 5lbs so there is at least a sense of achievement! Pandamonium has set in whilst you've been under the duvet, parking spaces are rarer than rocking horse droppings and the supermarkets are under siege. You've still got to get presents for Auntie Joan, your neighbour, a wreath for Grandma's grave and some flowers to make the table arrangement you liked on Pinterest.....and like a shining light at the end of a long dark tunnel is a beautiful flower shop. It's exterior adorned with door wreaths and hollypots, Grandma's grave sorted. Stepping inside this candle lit haven, Frank Sinatra sings in the background, beautiful arrangements of flowers for the table and a matching one for the mantelpiece and there behind the counter, swathed in thermals and gilets is your smiling florist. Of course it's not too late to have flowers delivered to Auntie Joan, why not choose from the huge display of flowers something that you know she would like. They wrap it, attach the hand written card and organise the delivery for you. Surprisingly it costs less than ordering through the supermarket.Leave the shop feeling calm and accomplished and ready to face Christmas.



  2. Although we love "Vintage" and all it stands for, the slightly faded glory of something once grand, the soft antique tones,  giving new life to an old once loved item. I couldn't resist going Anti- Vintage at a recent Wedding Fayre. After all the idea of marketing is to give the customer something to remember. Listening to peoples comments was very interesting, most were drawn to the bold yellow display whilst one or two others abhoored the idea of yellow wedding flowers. In fact one lady was heard to say "urgh yellow tulips my idea of hell." Doesn't sound such a bad place does it !
    Feb 2013 tulip display